Verveana Electric Aspirator


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“It has great suction and got a lot of congestion out of my baby’s nose. He can breathe so much easier now which is a relief.” – Anna B., USA (verified purchase)
  • Removes all congestion in a single use
  • Strong suction and super easy to clean
  • No mouth suction required

The problem.

Nasal congestion is uncomfortable for your baby because it can make it harder for them to breathe resulting in more sleepless nights for the both of you.
  • In fact, babies less than three months have not developed the ability to breathe through their mouths yet which makes nasal congestion even more discomforting
Constantly blocked nasal passageways can also impede speech development as the backed up mucous makes sound formation difficult.

The solution.

Verveana removes all congestion in a single use thanks to the well calibrated suction.
  • There are three different suction levels; low, medium and high so you can use the perfect amount needed to get out all your baby’s snot
It comes with three interchangeable silicone tips to ensure you have the perfect size to fit your baby’s nostrils. The soft silicone is gentle on your baby’s nasal passageways and it is super easy to clean.

Calm and gentle clearing.

To keep your little one relaxed, Verveana plays comforting music and lights up in different colours. This results in a lot less wriggling which makes it much easier for you to get everything out.

Ditch the traditional methods.

Traditional nasal aspirators can cause damage to your baby’s nasal passageways which often results in infection and even more mucous. Also these aspirators are commonly operated using mouth suction which is unsanitary as you are inhaling your baby’s germs.
  • In contrast, Verveana removes all congestion gently, easily and without the risk of direct disease transmission

Made breathing easier for 25,300+ babies

  • 96%: of parents reported that their baby’s congestion was significantly reduced after a single use if not completely gone
  • 87%: of parents reported reduced overall congestion in their baby after using Verveana for a period of two weeks
  • 88%: of parents reported that their baby woke up much less from nasal disturbances during the night

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