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Introducing our Portable Type-C Lamp – a versatile and stylish lighting solution designed to elevate your space. Crafted with precision using high-quality materials, this lamp seamlessly combines functionality with aesthetics. Here’s why our lamp stands out:


  1. Dual Modes: Immerse yourself in the perfect ambiance with two adjustable modes tailored to your preferences. Experience the soothing glow of the built-in constant light mode or embrace the dynamic breathing mode. Effortlessly switch between modes with a simple touch.
  2. 360 Luminous Light: Revel in the brilliance of 360-degree luminous light that is both even and soft. The lamp maintains efficient transparency, ensuring a warm and inviting atmosphere. Its waterproof and shock-resistant design guarantees durability, making it a reliable companion in various settings.
  3. Suspended LED Filament Design: The lamp’s unique LAMP SHAPE, featuring a suspended LED filament design, adds a touch of sophistication to your space. The magnetic attraction LED enhances flexibility with its soft and bendable filament, allowing you to shape the light according to your desires.

Various applications

You can enjoy a range of benefits and possibilities with this versatile Portable Type-C Lamp. Here are some activities and applications for which the lamp can be used: Magnetic attractionReading: Set the lamp on a bedside table or desk to provide focused and adjustable lighting for reading books, magazines, or other printed materials.Studying: Create an optimal study environment by adjusting the brightness and color temperature to suit the task at hand. The lamp’s flexibility allows users to customize the lighting for a comfortable study session.Work: Illuminate your workspace with the lamp’s even and soft 360-degree luminous light. The adjustable brightness levels make it suitable for various work tasks, providing ample light without causing discomfort.


Outdoor Activities: Thanks to its durable and waterproof design, the lamp can be taken outdoors for picnics, camping, or other activities where portable and reliable lighting is essential.Emergency Lighting: Keep the lamp charged, and in the event of a power outage, it can serve as an emergency light source, providing reliable illumination when needed.Children’s Room: The soft and flexible design of the lamp, combined with its magnetic attraction LED, makes it a safe and interesting addition to a child’s room. The adjustable modes can create a soothing environment for bedtime.Travel: The compact size and portable nature of the lamp make it ideal for travel. Whether staying in a hotel or camping, users can bring reliable and customizable lighting wherever they go.

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