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How To Use?

Step 1: Fill the Steamly with Water.Step 2: Add coat shiner or any solution of your choice (Not a required step)Step 3: Click the Button, and you’re ready to Steam away!

How It Works?

Similar to how running your wet hand over your cat or dogs fur results in fur, hair, dust, and dirt adhering to it due to moisture, the Steamly operates on the same scientific principle.


Meet Streamly, the innovative pet brush designed for quick and efficient removal of shedding fur. Using nano mist technology, it encourages fur to clump together, streamlining the grooming process and simplifying fur disposal for a hassle-free experience.

We’re not afraid to tell you why

  • Efficient Hair Removal
It removes 3x more hair than a typical pet brush, when moisture comes in contact with hair, fuzz, and dirt, it automatically clumps and is easy to clean.
  • Nano Mist Spray Technology
With our Nano mist technology, the Steamly emits lukewarm/cool mist that provides moisture.
  • Suitable For All Animal Types
The Steamly works for Cats, dogs or any animal that sheds but is best utilized with thick coated pets and pets with relatively long fur since there is more for the moisture to grab onto.
  • Improved Pet Health & Comfort
Giving your pet a deep cleaning is important because dirt buildup can cause allergies and irritation to your precious pet.

Steam & Brush

The moisture from the mist assists in clumping the fur together.

Suits All Fur Types

Dogs, Cats, Bunnies, Hamsters, you name it. The Steamly works if your pet sheds but you will notice a signifcant difference on pets with thicker coats.
  • Soft Material
  • Easier Cleanups
  • Happier Pet


  • 94%: Find brushing their pet way easier than with a typical brush
  • 88%: Steamly buyers took almost 3 times less time to clean their pet up.
  • 58%: Subscribed to our email list for future drops.
  • 46%: Decided to purchase our limited time bundle.

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